Inspired by phenomenology, wich is an essential part of german philosophy in the first half of the 20th century, this project deals with the concept and the pursuit of awareness and perception through clothing.

Following the teachings of Edmund Husserl, Awareness or Perception can only be proven trough interaction. Awareness is always directed towards things. This is called Transcendence. Human conciousness is always transcending, it is the essence of being human. Only the human (subject) is able to transcend, things (objects) only occur. With this in mind, the mantra for this project became „I interact, therefore I am“ as a slight change to Descartes „I think, therefore I am“.

Clothing is a group of things, we constantly interact with and that has to be interacted with constantly, to be used. A piece of clothing has the ability to warp the perception of what is underneath through the manipulation of light and shape. This creates a connection between the subject and other objects that are not even being directly interacted with. 

In an attempt to create such an two-way-interaction through a garment, I created a 3d-printed fabric from translucent material under wich a glass pearl is integrated, to break and scatter light.


Supervised by: Prof. Hussein Chalayan

Photos by: Camille Achilles